DC/DC Converter Selection Guide

New Products

  • MPPT75HVMaximum power point tracking solar battery charge controller
  • MPPT75XL150V Solar Panel Input- Maximum power point tracking solar battery charge controller
  • DC12-12Extreme wide range input DC-DC converter
  • UCAP 16-58Ultra Capacitor Module
  • W30 Series30 Watt Industrial Grade DC Converter In Industry Standard 1" x 2" Size
  • PLC4000 Series120 Watt DC-DC Power Supply for Allen Bradley 1771 PLC System
  • AC350 Series350 Watt Single Output U Frame AC-DC Power Supply with PFC

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 Material Procurement    Material Procurement
  • Purchase to forecast on standard products
  • Purchase to sales orders on custom products
  • All materials are ordered to ECO controlled bills of materials or customer specifications.
Stockroom Storage to Kitting    Stockroom Storage to Kitting
  • All incoming materials are inspected and stored by part number.
  • Kits are released per manufacturer work orders.
 Pre-Assembly    Pre-Assembly Preparation of Components
  • Automated, semi-automated and manual part forming
  • All forming per instruction on routers
Thru-Hole Assembly    Thru-Hole Assembly
  • 14 semi-automatic guided assembly stations
  • Slide lines for manual assembly
 SMT Assembly    SMT Assembly
  • 3 pick and place machines
  • BTU convection oven for SMT
  • 2 solder print machines
Wave Soldering    Wave Soldering
  • Hollis wave soldering with smooth and chip waves for thru-hole and mixed technology.
  • Lead Free systems in place Q1 2006
 Aqueous Cleaning    Aqueous Cleaning
  • Aqueous 3 Stage cleaning station with a closed loop purification station ensure contamination-free water
Component and Solder Inspection    Component and Solder Inspection
  • All units are inspected after solder to assure quality of workmanship
 Semi-Automated and Automated Test Process    Semi-Automated and Automated Test Process
  • 4 Automated test stations for 100% DC/DC testing
  • Multiple semi-automated test stations for product specific testing
Burn-In System    Burn-In System
  • Multiple burn-in racks/ovens for product specific testing
 Hi-Pot Testing    Hi-Pot Testing
  • Testing from 500V - 8000V per product specification
Potting    Potting
  • Various potting methods using epoxy, rtv and conformal coating
 Final Inspection    Final Inspection
  • Insure conformance to product specification
  • Data collection

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