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W2530 Series

25 to 30 Watt 2" x 2" Single and Multi Output DC-DC Converters


U20 Series
  • Single, Double and Triple outputs
  • 500V, 10MOhm input-to-output isolation
  • No airflow or heatsink required
  • Enclosed six-sided metal shield construction for low EMI/RFI
  • Efficiency to 85%
  • 2:1 Input Range
  • Pi Input Filter
  • Continuous Short Circuit Protection
  • Remote On/Off Control
  • Delivers up to 30W in 2" x2" package with Industry-Standard Pinouts




W2530 Series: 25 to 30 Watt 2" x 2" Single and Multi Output DC-DC Converters

W2530 Series:
25 to 30 Watt 2" x 2" Single and Multi Output DC-DC Converters
datasheet  application notes

Model Vin (V) Vout (V) Iout (mA) Iin No Load
Iin Full Load
Efficiency Case
W2530-12S3.39-18 VDC3.3 VDC5.0A30.0 mA1860.0 mA74%U
W2530-12S59-18 VDC5.0 VDC5.0A30.0 mA2675.0 mA78%U
W2530-12S129-18 VDC12.0 VDC2.5A30.0 mA3050.0 mA82%U
W2530-12S159-18 VDC15.0 VDC2.0A30.0 mA3050.0 mA82%U
W2530-12D59-18 VDC±5.0 VDC±2.5A35.0 mA2675.0 mA78%U
W2530-12D129-18 VDC±12.0 VDC±1.25A35.0 mA3050.0 mA82%U
W2530-12D159-18 VDC±15.0 VDC±1.0A35.0 mA3050.0 mA82%U
W2530-12T5-129-18 VDC±12.0/5.0 VDC±0.31A/3.5A35.0 mA2640.0 mA79%U
W2530-12T5-159-18 VDC±15.0/5.0 VDC±0.25A/3.5A35.0 mA2640.0 mA79%U
W2530-24S3.318-36 VDC3.3 VDC5.0A30.0 mA920.0 mA75%U
W2530-24S518-36 VDC5.0 VDC5.0A30.0 mA1336.0 mA79%U
W2530-24S1218-36 VDC12.0 VDC2.5A30.0 mA1525.0 mA82%U
W2530-24S1518-36 VDC15.0 VDC2.0A30.0 mA1525.0 mA82%U
W2530-24D518-36 VDC±5.0 VDC±2.5A30.0 mA1336.0 mA79%U
W2530-24D1218-36 VDC±12.0 VDC±1.25A30.0 mA1470.0 mA85%U
W2530-24D1518-36 VDC±15.0 VDC±1.0A30.0 mA1470.0 mA85%U
W2530-24T5-1218-36 VDC±12.0/5.0 VDC±0.31A/3.5A30.0 mA1320.0 mA80%U
W2530-24T5-1518-36 VDC±15.0/5.0 VDC±0.25A/3.5A30.0 mA1320.0 mA80%U
W2530-48S3.336-72 VDC3.3 VDC5.0A20.0 mA460.0 mA75%U
W2530-48S536-72 VDC5.0 VDC5.0A20.0 mA660.0 mA79%U
W2530-48S1236-72 VDC12.0 VDC2.5A20.0 mA765.0 mA82%U
W2530-48S1536-72 VDC15.0 VDC2.0A20.0 mA765.0 mA82%U
W2530-48D536-72 VDC±5.0 VDC±2.5A25.0 mA660.0 mA79%U
W2530-48D1236-72 VDC±12.0 VDC±1.25A25.0 mA735.0 mA85%U
W2530-48D1536-72 VDC±15.0 VDC±1.0A25.0 mA735.0 mA85%U
W2530-48T5-1236-72 VDC±12.0/5.0 VDC±0.31A/3.5A25.0 mA655.0 mA80%U
W2530-48T5-1536-72 VDC±15.0/5.0 VDC±0.25A/3.5A25.0 mA655.0 mA80%U

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