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New Products

  • MPPT75HVMaximum power point tracking solar battery charge controller
  • MPPT75XL150V Solar Panel Input- Maximum power point tracking solar battery charge controller
  • DC12-12Extreme wide range input DC-DC converter
  • UCAP 16-58Ultra Capacitor Module
  • W30 Series30 Watt Industrial Grade DC Converter In Industry Standard 1" x 2" Size
  • PLC4000 Series120 Watt DC-DC Power Supply for Allen Bradley 1771 PLC System
  • AC350 Series350 Watt Single Output U Frame AC-DC Power Supply with PFC

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Legacy Products

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Isolation Amplifiers

Download Product Name Description
277 (277K, 277J, 277A): Precision Isolation Amplifier High CMV/CMR, ±15V Floating
284J/286J/281: High CMV, High Performance Isolation Amplifiers
289 (289J, 289K, 289L): Precision, Wide Bandwidth, Synchronized Isolation Amplifier
290A/292A: Low Cost Single and Multichannel Isolation Amplifier

Voltage to Current Converters

Download Product Name Description
  2B20 (2B20A, 2B20B): High Performance, 4-20mA Output Voltage-to-Current Converter
  2B22 (2B22J, 2B22K, 2B22L): High Performance, Isolated Voltage-to-Current Converter
  2B23 (2B23J, 2B23K): Programmable Output, Isolated Voltage-to-Current Converter

Signal Conditioners

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2B30 (2B30J, 2B30K, 2B30L)/2B31 (2B31J, 2B31K, 2B31L): High Performance, Economy Strain Gage/RTD Conditioners
  2B34J: Four Channel RTD/Strain Gage Conditioner
  2B50A, 2B50B: Isolated, Thermocouple Signal Conditioner
  2B54/2B55: Four Channel, Isolated Thermocouple/mV Conditioners
  2B56A: High Accuracy, Thermocouple Cold Junction Compensator

A/D Converters

Download Product Name Description
  ADC1130/ADC1131: 14-Bit High Speed Analog to Digital Converter
  ADC1140: Low Cost 16-Bit Analog to Digital Converter
  ADC1143J, ADC1143K: Low Power/High Performance 16-Bit A/D Converter

D to A Converters

Download Product Name Description
  DAC1136/DAC1138: High Resolution 16 and 18-Bit Digital to Analog Converters
  DAC1146: Low Cost/High Accuracy 18-Bit D/A/Converter
  DAS1152/DAS1153: 14-Bit & 15-Bit Sampling Analog to Digital Converter
14-Bit, 15-Bit & 16-Bit Sampling Analog to Digital Converters

Function Modules

Download Product Name Description
310J, 310K/311J, 311K: Ultra Low Bias Current Varactor Bridge Operational Amplifiers
  429: Accurate, Wideband Multiplier, Divider, Square Rooter
451 (451J, 451K, 451L)/453 (453J, 453K): Low-Cost, Versatile, 10/100 kHz Frequency to Voltage Converters
  755N, 755P: 6-Decade, High Accuracy Log, Antilog Amplifiers
  756: Complete Log Ratio Module
757N, 757P: 6-Decade, High Accuracy Log Ratio Amplifiers
759N, 759P: Economy, Wideband Log/Antilog Amplifiers
  458 (458J, 458K, 458L)/460 (460J, 460K, 460L): High Accuracy, 100 kHz and 1 MHz Voltage to Frequency Converters
  171J, 171K: High Voltage Differential FET Amplifier
  233: Low Cost Chopper Stabilized Amplifier

Sample And Hold Amplifiers

Download Product Name Description
  SHA1144: High Resolution 14-Bit Sample and Hold Amplifier

Temperature Transmitter

Download Product Name Description
  2B Series (2B24, 2B54, 2B53, 2B57A-1, 2B58, 2B59): Low Cost Two-Wire Transmitters

Time Interface Cards

Download Product Name Description
  RTI-800/RTI-815: IBM Compatible for PC/XT/AT
  RTI-802: IBM Compatible for PC/XT/AT
  RTI-817: IBM Compatible for PC/XT/AT
  RTI-820: IBM Compatible for PC/XT/AT
  RTI-827: IBM Compatible for PC/XT/AT
  RTI-834/RTI-835: IBM Compatible for PC/XT/AT
  RTI-850/RTI-860: IBM Compatible for PC/XT/AT
  RTI-1225/RTI-1226: Low Cost, STD Bus Compatible Analog I/O Subsystem
  RTI-1260/RTI-1262: High Performance STD Bus Compatible Analog I/O Subsystem
  RTI-1265/1266/1267: STD Bus Modular Analog and Digital I/O Subsystem
  RTI-1280 series (RTI-1280, 1281, 1282-4, 1282-8, 1287): CMOS STD Compatible Analog and Digital I/O Card
Click here to download software for RTI Products.

Panel Meters

Download Product Name Description
  AD2010: Low Cost 3½ Digit DPM for OEM Applications
  AD2021: Low Cost 3½ Digit Logic Powered DPM with LED Displays
  AD2026: Low Cost 3 Digit AC or Logic Powered DPM
  R101-R104: Low Cost True RMS Computing Sub-Systems

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